Tianjin, China

TEDA Promenades is a state-of-the-art commercial and exposition zone within the Tianjin Economic Development Area (TEDA) located in the northern gateway city of Tianjin, China.  TEDA Promenades Zone is a significant commercial district which is home to over 25 leading technology based international corporations, a professional soccer stadium and a 90,000 m2 convention centre that has hosted the World Economic Forum.  TEDA Promenades Retail Pavilion is the 100,000 m2 super-regional retail centre comprising of top international retail and entertainment offerings, and is positioned as “endless variety with a distinct identity”.  Accented by a large elliptical lagoon, it serves as the thematic and functional heart to this world class development in Tianjin and the social gathering place for the 10.43 million local residents and expatriots in Tianjin.

GRS Tasks/Strategic Input

  • Development Feasibility
  • Market Positioning Strategy
  • Merchandising Strategy
  • Tenant Mix Recommendation
  • Design Input/Advisory