Giza Paradise

Cairo, Egypt

Giza Paradise is a state-of-the-art super-regional retail and leisure Town Center currently being planned for the burgeoning region of West Cairo.  This development is conceived as a new development hybrid combining the very best of commercial and entertainment formats to meet the sophisticated Greater Cairo population base.  The site is located prominently along the Cairo-Alexandria Highway with an “open-arms” configuration to welcome the shoppers and leisure seekers traveling along this key regional inter-city connector in Egypt.  To be anchored by the key regional anchor tenants, this development will be accented by an entertainment showcase featuring the very best in entertainment and health/leisure offerings enveloped within an iconic crystalline structure.  This distinctive showcase will be flanked by a strong value oriented power center and the largest enclosed lifestyle shopping centre in Greater Cairo.

GRS Tasks/Strategic Input

  • Development Feasibility
  • Market Positioning Strategy
  • Merchandising Strategy
  • Tenant Mix Recommendation
  • Design Input/Advisory
  • Anchor Tenant Introduction
  • Marketing/Leasing Plan Review
  • Joint Venture Offering Package