About GRS

Global Retail Strategies Inc. (GRS) is a team of innovative and highly experienced retail/mixed-use development strategists specializing in the formulation of optimal development plans and strategies for a wide range of flagship retail and commercial projects around the world.  With headquarters in Vancouver Canada, our principal strategists have served as key advisors on major developments and repositioning programs in over 50 countries and four continents. Our clients include leading developers, investors, retailers, public institutions, municipal governments and architectural firms.

As commercial markets become increasingly competitive worldwide, both developers and retailers require a higher level of strategic input into their projects.  To achieve and sustain a market leading position, innovative ideas and optimal strategies are vital for the new developments as well as the revitalization of existing assets. 


Corporate Philosophy

GRS specializes in the formulation of optimal development strategies for major retail and mixed use commercial projects with distinctive focus on:  

Vision, Competitiveness, Performance, & Sustainability

These four fundamental elements are the cornerstones of our philosophy.  Each element represents a critical foundation in the formation of a comprehensive retail development strategy appropriate to the specific project, market and client.  It is this strategic input that will position a development ahead of its competition, allow it to thrive over time, and maximize overall investment returns.

Why GRS?

Worldwide Experience

GRS brings over 35 years of international commercial development & project team management experience to each major project GRS undertakes for its global clients.

Multi-sector Expertise

GRS holds an international reputation of providing sound, pragmatic, creative and executable development strategies for numerous industry sectors.

Collaborative Process

GRS collaborates with the world’s best mixed-use architects and masterplanners to ensure the project is well designed, strategically positioned and directed on behalf of our client.